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Our Story

Athena Mortgages was founding in the midst of a pandemic with one thing in focus - exceptional service and removing the fear and barriers for financial advice. 


We are committed to providing the best service possible. We have established our name in the industry through our reputation for friendly, honest service.  We don’t expect our customers to know what they need, or to understand the products and legal speak, that’s what we’re here for.  


Nominated and finalist for several awards since being founded and always looking to grow and improve

Meet the Team

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Director & Mortgage Expert

Jennifer O'Neill 

Jennifer founded Athena Mortgages in October 2020 after years of working in other financial services firms. 


“ I wanted to create something more client focussed and a company that is approachable. I want to take the fear away that some people have around financial advice.  


Buying and owning a home can come with a lot of worries and I wanted to create a business, team and environment that puts my clients at ease. We take the worry away. 


Pros – loves work (is that sad?), avid reader and wine/ gin drinker.

Cons – has two barketing executives. 

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Junior Barketing Executive


Street dog from Cyprus

Pros – massive ears, really affectionate, can jump surprisingly high. 


Cons – can jump surprisingly high, could eat you out of house and home. 

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Berketing Executive


Street Dog from Serbia

Pros – Absolute gent of a dog, super soft, avid TV watcher. 


Cons – Dodgy stomach for treats, will loudly wag his tail and has terrible taste in tv shows. 

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